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Resistance Live

Feb 22, 2018

Today's topics:

*Put the mirror up to CPAC and send that shizz on its way. Do not engage. Do not take it in. Reflect it back. PERIOD.

*Pay attention and do everything you can to the shiny, sparkling souls in Florida and around the country who are organzing to create change and speak truth to power. They need us behind them. These kids are the future of this nation.

*Why I'm not going to talk about 2nd Amendment law. All you need to know is that we need an assault weapons ban. 

*Developments in the Mueller investigation: Manafort and his banker, new filings under seal, and implications for Gates' plea deal

*Resistance action items for today (and the list is long)

*And lastly, focus on the positive. Keep going. And thank you for all of your efforts.


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