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Resistance Live

Feb 22, 2019

Today's topics:
*a summary of the legal implications of Rachel's broadcast last night, and why a sitting president can be indicted
*NC-9 orders a new election
*Epstein's plea deal is vacated; Alex Acosta is in the hotseat
*Manafort's last sentencing memorandum from Mueller is set to drop today
*the NY DA is set to charge Manafort with state crimes should he be pardoned
*House Dems are seeking to subpoena Mueller is necessary to make his report public
*House Dems introduced a resolution to overturn the declaration of national emergency today; it will be voted on Tuesday and sent to the Senate
*Roger Stone is gagged
*the Coast Guard terrorist still hasn't gotten a mention from the President
*numerous ongoing scandals in the cabinet
*and please take care of yourselves; there's a lot of stress ailments popping up for all of us

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