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Resistance Live

Feb 23, 2018

Today's topics:

*It's #FridayinTrumpland and Rick Gates has FLIPPED.

*What the new indictments mean for Manafort

*A brief primer on the federal v. state court system, and why pardon power isn't gone on these new allegations despite the fact that they were filed in the Eastern District of Virginia

*The "rocket docket" and what that means for Manafort

*Rumors about McMaster and Kelly, and why I'm not hanging my hat on an exit

*Taking down the NRA, and points of action to #resist today

*Stay positive, stay focused, ignore CPAC, commit to supporting the Parkland kids and resisting kids everywhere, and enjoy the day! No trouble at all on a day where the dominoes continue to fall in rapid succession.


Also: fundraising for the Alexis P. Morgan Fellowship for Emerging Voices of Color is open until 3/15:…