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Resistance Live

Mar 25, 2019

Today's topics:
*why we should all be very cautious about reaching ANY conclusions until we see the actual Mueller report
*where to direct your activism and attention today
*a brief summary of what we think we know so far
*a short primer on prosecutorial discretion
*a discussion on the other ongoing investigations, and why the idea of "no more indictments" is false
*predicted and known next steps for Congressional action
*why Manafort was team-tried
*SCOTUS rules in that mysterious case of the company trying to avoid a Mueller grand jury subpoena
*Mueller is still at work
*Roger Stone will still be tried
*Sater testifies before the House this week
*the SDNY, NY State and the Manhattan DA are still cooking, among other jurisdictions
*and finally, some thoughts on quitting, organizing, and what YOU need to do right now

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