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Resistance Live

May 31, 2018

Today's topics:

*A summary of what went down yesterday in the Southern District of New York in Judge Kimba Wood's courtroom with regard the seizure from Michael Cohen of tapes and documents, as well as what happened with regard to Avenatti (not what Rudy said last night)

*A brief legal primer on pro hac vice motions

*Why this sets the stage for the President's ongoing insane policy choices and tweets this a.m.

*Trump's announcement with regard to German cars

*Trump's extension of tariffs on aluminum and steel to the EU, Canada and Mexico

*Trump's absolutely outrageous pardon of Dinesh D'Souza, and what it signals to those currently under investigation as well as its relevance to the implosion of Roseanne

*"Will obstruction be tried in a different case from election interference?"

*Circumstantial v. direct evidence at trial, and my bets on what Robert Mueller has in his hands on this

*Why the pessimists among you need to pause and consider what we actually know v. what Mueller knows

*And go find Glennon Doyle's action items (scroll down) on how to hold your legislators accountable on the separation of immigrating parents from their kids

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