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Resistance Live

Jun 26, 2018

Today's topics:

*The Supreme Court's decision on the travel ban

*Footage of children in shelters in NYC who have been separated from their parents

*Why every single one of us needs to take responsibility right now for organizing

*Why civility is not the path of #Resistance

*Why we need to tie up the phones of those in power

*Preparation for Saturday's protests

*It's primary day in seven states: get out and vote

*Organize for November

*And take the reins of responsibility wherever you live to speak truth to power, even when your voice shakes

Thanks to our supporters on Patreon, who help all of us to keep going.

Today is a day to LEVERAGE YOUR PRIVILEGE. Use your voice, your skills, your talents, your phone, your home, your body, everything you've got to work to save our democracy.