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Resistance Live

Jul 19, 2019

Today's topics:
*the Cohen docs, and what they mean for future prosecution
*the docs reveal a multitude of felonies
*some speculation about why this hasn't led to impeachment
*Epstein is held without bail, and a few words on what might cause him to flip notwithstanding that he is likely to never be free again
*developments at the border with the child in renal failure we were working to assist yesterday
*Lights for Liberty has built a wonderful board to advisors from frontline orgs to lead L4L forward; here's who they are!
*Also L4L is becoming a 501(c)(4) organization so we can lobby congress, but we will not be fundraising for ourselves, only for frontline organizations as we always have; this benefits our coalition partners who can't lobby as 501(c)(3) orgs; all leadership positions inside L4L will be unpaid
*A word of gratitude to all the local organizers and impacted people who ran all 818 worldwide events and led the charge
*And a big announcement about next week; thanks to all of you for all your support

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Also, please note: for the first time since this broadcast began 2.5 years ago, I am taking a week off from both the broadcast and from social. I promise that if there is a major development (e.g., impeachment), I will connect.