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Resistance Live

Jul 26, 2018

Today's topics:

*We now know that more than 100 tapes were seized from Michael Cohen in the FBI raid earlier this year

*Avenatti alleged overnight that there was a conspiracy between Cohen and Trump to pay off "multiple other women" right before the 2016 election

*Jim Jordan announces a run for Speaker (you can't make this shizz up)

*Articles of impeachment (that will go nowhere) were introduced yesterday by the Freedom Caucus

*There was a good ruling yesterday in one of the emoluments cases; here's what it means

*Pompeo was grilled on the Hill

*A reporter was banned from the WH for shouting questions about Cohen at the President

*And lastly, don't forget about those kids at the border, nor Kavanaugh's nomination. Do your action items. Our efforts are working.

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