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Resistance Live

Jul 29, 2019


Today's topics:
*developments with #ResistanceLive
*the newly announced impeachment inquiry and what to make of it
*Dan Coats is out as DNI; what it means for our elections
*several House republicans announce they're not running for re-election; my take
*the Supreme Court ruling on border wall funding is not as bad as you think
*And lastly, a discussion on social media algorithms and why you (yes, YOU) should be making conscious decisions right now about what you reshare, how you react to it, whether its even true, and whether what you're reading is designed to trigger you, influence you, and move you toward dis-ease

As discussed on the broadcast, we're now in the last two weeks of this broadcast streaming on FB. If you want to continue to watch the broadcast, you can catch it daily on Patreon for as little as $2/month starting on 8/12.

Please note: there will still be a FREE WEEKLY AUDIO BROADCAST available everywhere.