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Resistance Live

Aug 9, 2019

Today's topics:
*a few words about the Patreon migration
*Trump has a baby who lost both parents in the El Paso massacre brought back to the hospital to pose with him
*Nadler announces that we are in a "formal impeachment inquiry"
*Deputy DNI Sue Gordon is fired; what it means
*McAleenan was apparently prepared to resign as acting DHS secretary in June because people even more hardline than he is on immigration were pressuring him to run ICE raids (this should scare everyone)
*Homestead and Brownsville have been emptied out; no one knows where those housed there have been taken though there are some credible reports of possible locations; how to help
*And lastly, a few words on more than 600 #ResistanceLive broadcasts over more than two and a half years, and how this community will continue

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