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Resistance Live

Oct 29, 2017

Today's topics are all things indictment related!!!
*What we know so far: 1 or more indictments
*What we can intuit based on the fact that it's the DC Grand Jury that issued the indictment(s)
*Why the indictments were filed under seal and why Mueller would want to do that
*Boente's resignation as potentially related
*Vesilnitskaya and the confirmation that she was coordinating with the Kremlin (and with Dana Rohrbacher!!!) well before the Trump Tower meeting
*A brief review of the pardon power, and why the exercise of it right now would lead directly to impeachment
*Why the President won't be able to fire Robert Mueller
*And something I never do: a few speculations on who is likely the current targets of the indictment(s)




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