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Resistance Live

Nov 29, 2018

Today's topics:
*Cohen pleads guilty to lying to Congress about Trump's connections to Moscow during the campaign
*This puts the President, Don Junior, Kushner and others squarely in indictment range by Robert Mueller
*Deutchse Bank, money laundering hub for the Russians and for Trump, was raided in Europe this morning
*Alderman Burke, who was the Trump Organization's accountant for years, was raided this am in Chicago by the FBI
*Let's not forget that Trump Organization CFO Allan Weisselberg is also cooperating with Mueller
*All this may bring down the President as well as Pence-- and a long riff on how we get to (wait for it) PRESIDENT PELOSI
*And, footnote, Stormy Daniels says that Michael Avenatti won't tell her where the $650k in crowdfunding money they raised together has gone, and says he filed the defamation suit and spoke on her behalf without her authorization; disbarrment is coming for MA
*Lastly, IT'S A VERY GOOD DAY. Sit back and enjoy it. Mueller isn't stopping now.

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