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Resistance Live

Jan 30, 2018

Today's topics:
*a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT about what we are doing here at The Gaia Project to support Resistance candidates in 2018. Please do tune in. (****NOTE: I misstated the email address. It is
*McCabe being pushed out, and why I am not panicking
*Bowditch as a replacement, and a few words on following lone voices on Twitter (again)
*The Nunes memo as the biggest shiniest object ever to distract from Trump/Russia, and why we just need to let go of the fact that Fox News is going to run with it, and that's no surprise
*Trump refusing to add on more sanctions, what it means, and why there's actually some good news in that regard
*Republicans on House Intel investigating the DOJ and FBI, and once again why this is a big shiny object
*And lastly, some tough love on chaos and paranoia and refusing to be cowed. Resistance Fatigue is what they're after. Don't give it to them. Get up, and make your fricking phone calls. TODAY.