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Resistance Live

Jun 28, 2017

Today's topics:
Manafort's late filings;
Collins, Murkowski and Trump the bully;
Gowdy (ick);
"when is it treason?";
and a few words on Resistance and race


Daily U.S. political updates for the Resistance, brought to you by Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin. Learn more about Elizabeth and The Gaia Project for...

Jun 27, 2017

Today's topics:
Shutting down the WH press corps;
Syria as shiny object;
Carter Page and the FBI;
The line of succession and election nullification (NOT);
The amazing Cory Booker and friends;
and how to keep going, stay inspired, look for the silver lining and above all, leave no one behind in hopelessness.


Daily U.S....

Jun 27, 2017

Today's topics:

Nancy Pelosi and Joy Reid at the 92Y;
Why we shouldn't be tearing down House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, who by the way is a fricking badass;
Today's Supreme Court Rulings: the travel ban, the same-sex parent birth certificate case, the same-sex wedding cake case, and also Justice Kennedy not...

Jun 23, 2017

Today's topics:
whether the Republicans are operating from a place of "no fear of backlash";
bodies on the line for public protest;
Mueller and the 30-attorney dream team;
The Washington Post's reporting on Obama's attempts to stop Russian interference;
Trump opening mouth and inserting foot; and
Why you should ask for...

Jun 22, 2017

Today's topics:

Rachel's broadcast;
the Russian hacking of voter registration data and its potential use to suppress votes in Democratic counties is significant states;
the GOP's use of big data, the recent leak, and theories on how the data was obtained;
why we shouldn't be blaming Pelosi for the GA 6th loss;