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Resistance Live

Jul 31, 2017

Today's topics -
*Reince is out, and what that means for Republican support of Trump
*Kelly is in, and what that means for control of Trump
*Sessions may be moved to Homeland Security, and what that would mean for Trump's base and for Republican support on the Hill 
*Russian sanctions, the sanctions bill, and what...

Jul 29, 2017

Today's topics - 

*House Judiciary voting to investigate HRC
*Scaramucci's tirade
*Graham and the threat of "holy hell to pay"
*"I'm not sure where we are right now?"
*And how to raise the next generation of women and men in this environment



Daily U.S....

Jul 27, 2017

Todays' topics - 
*no you're not imagining things; the wheels are coming off
*the trans ban and the additional anti-LGBTQ action taken yesterday by the administration
*what happens to the evidence if Mueller is fired?
*Healthcare rally this Saturday in DC
*Today's single payer vote as a set-up by Republicans

Jul 25, 2017

Today's topics -
*why we should pull back from the hysteria on the Boy Scouts speech
*Manafort slipping in and out of Senate Intel with nary a photo
*What happens if Trump fires the AG during a recess?
*The state of Mueller's investigation
*The state of our democracy (my thoughts), and

Jul 24, 2017

Today's topics -
*Kushner: the testimony, the statement, the legal and political implications
*Sessions getting called out by the President 
*Giuliani: in or out as a potential next AG?
*Jill Stein and why we should ignore her
*YES, lying to Congress is a crime even when you're not under oath, and
*How to handle all of...