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Resistance Live

Aug 31, 2018

Today's topics:

*Why the alleged Mueller 60 day deadline is something of a myth

*Samuel Patten, former associate of Manafort and Kilimnik, is the latest flip

*What we now know about why the President has been attacking Bruce Ohr

*Departures from Mueller's team, and why they're nothing to be concerned about

*"Why hasn't...

Aug 30, 2018

Today's topics:

*Schumer cutting a deal for a quick vote on 15 of Trump's judicial nominees, and why it's really, really bad

*A man was arrested for threatening the Boston Globe using the words "enemy of the people," just like the President

*The President's yet again crazy tweetstorm this a.m.

*An explanation of the...

Aug 29, 2018

Today's topics:

*Trump's threats of violence

*Trump's midnight tweets

*"What does Trump get from resignation?"

*Trump's (already known) ties to the Russian mob

*Support Andrew Gillum; his opponent is out there making racist slurs already

*Manafort's change of venue motion

*Kavanaugh and how to keep fighting


Aug 29, 2018

Today's topics:

*Google is a shiny object


*"Will Robert Mueller abide by the 9/1 "deadline"?"

*Manafort's possible plea bargain

*Annulment of the election (not)

*And keep calling about Kavanaugh

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Aug 27, 2018

Today's topics: 

*Trump returning the flag to full-staff notwithstanding McCain's passing

*Lanny Davis claiming Michael Cohen would state that Trump knew about the hacking before it happened, and then walking it back

*"Where's Jared?"

*The sleeper case article and why I'm not concerned

*Pecker's safe

*Fight back against...