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Resistance Live

Jan 23, 2019

Today's topics:
*Two bills hit the Senate floor tomorrow afternoon; please call moderate senators and demand that they support the CR (continuing resolution) that will reopen the government until 2/8
*You should ignore Giuliani; here's why
*House Oversight gets some new appointments (hooray!)
*Cummings announces an...

Jan 22, 2019

Today's topics:
*Mueller's response to the Buzzfeed article; what it means and what it doesn't
*the latest on the government shutdown; protest opportunities and where to levy pressure; the new asylum bill
*Covington Catholic (warning, I go off a little here)
*Rachel's A-block from last night; Nastya Rubkya, Deripaska...

Jan 18, 2019

Today's topics:
*Buzzfeed breaks news that the President instructed Michael Cohen to lie to Congress
*Why it's so important that the article is sourced to "two investigators" and that Buzzfeed has seen a "cache of documents" from inside the Trump Organization that apparently prove the President's crimes
*Why this is a...

Jan 17, 2019

Today's topics:
*Rudy Giuliani goes off the rails on CNN
*What that tells us about what's coming, as well as new attempts at defending the President
*Chris Christie has written a book that I'm not too intrigued about
*McConnell brings a bill to the floor that lifts sanctions on Deripaska, but won't bring a bill to the...

Jan 16, 2019

Today's topics:
*Let's reign in the panic and focus on what's happening on the ground
*Yes, the Barr nomination is troubling for a whole host of reasons
*The Mueller report in my opinion will see the light of day regardless
*We have a chance to oust McConnell by focusing on moderate Republicans who voted in favor of...