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Resistance Live

Mar 20, 2020


This week's top 5:

1. Lockdown, and staying sane through it all

2. Spend some of your time at home working to establish vote-by-mail nationwide; here's how

3. If you can sew or have a 3D printer, your skills are needed now for medical workers

4. Build connection and community now-- some strategies


Mar 9, 2020

The Weekly for 3/6/2020

This week's top five:

1) Super Tuesday

2) Warren exits the race

3) Downballot races matter now more than ever

4) Coronvirus updates and strategies

5) Organizing strategies going forward given the current state of play in the primary


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Mar 9, 2020

The Weekly 2/28/2020

This week's Top 5:

1. The coronavirus outbreak, our government's handling of it, and educating yourself on how to proceed

2. The stock market tanks

3. A series of court rulings and cases on Trump-related issues arrived this week

4. Novel fundraising campaigns were all the rage; why it's important to...

Mar 9, 2020

The Weekly 2/21/2020

This week's Top 5:

1. The Democratic Debate, and what it showed us

2. Russia is at it again

3. Trump sweeps out the ODNI as a part of his revenge campaign

4. Stone is sentenced

and 5. a loooong discussion of why we have to pick ourselves up out of pit and FIGHT. GO. DO IT.