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Resistance Live

Mar 20, 2020


This week's top 5:

1. Lockdown, and staying sane through it all

2. Spend some of your time at home working to establish vote-by-mail nationwide; here's how

3. If you can sew or have a 3D printer, your skills are needed now for medical workers

4. Build connection and community now-- some strategies

5. Call your senators and demand individual financial support for Americans; millions lost jobs this week and need it.

Plus one: focus on your mental and physical health this weekend. This is a marathon and not a sprint. Much love to all of you. Stay healthy.

Before the lockdown, we decided to run Haven, our 28 day program of respite and relief, again in April. We're still doing it. It's virtual and will give you a little bit of peace and grounding every day. Join us:


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