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Resistance Live

Nov 8, 2019

Today is your LAST CHANCE EVER to get in on RISE, our Activist/Leader Bootcamp. We had a alum win her local election on Tuesday night, and dozens of others out organizing and getting people to the polls. If you want to learn how to get organized for 2020, use you voice for change, and join an extraordinary community of like-minded people, join us. Registration closes at 8 pm PT:

This week's top 5:

*Public impeachment hearings start next week-- what to expect

*Sondland changed his testimony this week and implicated the President in quid pro quo

*Schiff is declining to enforce subpoenas now and here's why that's a good sign

*The Second Circuit Court of Appeals rules that the Manhattan DA had a right to see Trump's taxes; why this is so significant

*And the Tuesday night elections were a harbinger of what's to come for a bunch of reasons I discuss; let's use it to get motivated for 2020!

Have a great weekend everyone!