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Resistance Live

Jan 24, 2020

This week's Top Five (plus one):

1) the Rules debates, and amendments, that went down on Tuesday and into the wee hours of Wednesday, and what it told us about where we are

2) the vote-down of the specific amendment about the authority of Chief Justice Roberts, and how it limited his power in the impeachment trial

3) the ferocious and awesome presentation of evidence and timelines by Schiff and his team, and the potential impact to the Senate GOP

4) Schiff's closing last night was one for the history books, and every American should watch it

5) Schumer calls for us to flood the Senate phonelines to demand witnesses, new documents and conviction in the Senate

and Plus One: the uptick in threats and violent language from the President and his legal team, how to process it, and how to use it in your advocacy to the Senate GOP

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