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Resistance Live

Jan 17, 2020

This week's Top Five (which is actually Top Seven):

1) the articles of impeachment are conveyed to the Senate, and the impeachment trial of Donald J. Trump opens

2) Lev Parnas gives two nights of interviews to Maddow; my analysis and key takeaways of the evidence and the significance

3) Putin dissolves the entire Russian government and tosses out the Russian constitution; why it matters to the future of America

4) Russia hacks Burisma; and what this means for Ukraine

5) the GAO concludes that Trump's withholding of aid to Ukraine broke the law; how this impacts impeachment

6) Trump's defense team is announced; what I expect to see next week

and 7) the Senate Rules on impeachment, and how YOUR VOICE will make all the difference on this and everything else as we head into one of the most significant weeks ever in American history

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