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Resistance Live

Oct 18, 2019

The Weekly
October 18, 2019

Our RISE Activist/Leader Bootcamp is open for registration for our seventh cohort. Class starts on 11/11, all virtual. Details here:

This week's top five stories:

1) Trump's enabling of genocide in Syria, and the fabricated no-deal deal with Erdogan

2) Mulvaney's press conference yesterday where he admitted to crimes inside the White House

3) Trump grants next year's G7 to his own hotel, and why this is a rock bottom for ethics and emoluments and corruption inside the administration

4) The latest developments on Ukraine, including testimony, Giuliani being under investigation, Rick Perry and more

5) Trump's declining mental state, including the disastrous 1000th day of his presidency, the two press events, his screaming unraveling at Pelosi, the letter he sent to Erdogan, and why all of this means you should take your engagement in our democracy to the next level, right now.

See you all next week.