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Resistance Live

Apr 18, 2019

Today's topics:
*Top level takeaways from the two volumes of the report (NOTE: this DOES NOT exonerate the President in ANY WAY)
*Witnesses destroyed evidence with regard to the Russia conspiracy aspect of the investigation through the use of encrypted email/texts that were deleted after 24 hours
*the report concludes that additional evidence on Trump/Russia could change its outcome
*"did not conclude" is not the same as "exonerated"-- here's why *Mueller has provided Congress a roadmap for impeachment, both factually and legally
*the TEN obstruction counts, as presented in the report, are damning *the President's NPD is on full display everywhere
*there are substantially fewer redactions than expected; here's why *ignore the shiny object of SHS admitting to being a liar
*next steps to take in your activism today
*and the road to impeachment: what's next
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