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Resistance Live

Apr 24, 2019

Today's topics:
*a few strategies for survival as the President destroys democracy in real time
*some thoughts on commentators viewpoints about impeachment not being the appropriate strategy and why that's not just white privilege in action but also illogical
*some thoughts on the potential length of impeachment proceedings
*the President's comments on going to the Supreme Court for impeachment (LOL)
*yes, those who evade subpoenas can be thrown in jail for contempt of congress
*yes, the statute of limitations begins to run anew for every new crime the President commits
*and a few words on what to do when you feel like you've had enough
*PS. keep making your phone calls!

This week's Patreon bonus video for our $10/up subscribers will be on spiritual bypassing as a tool of oppression. Please join us over on Patreon if you haven't already.