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Resistance Live

Dec 22, 2017

Today's topics:
*What Trump knew about Flynn and when he knew it, and how that impacts the obstruction of justice case against the President, per breaking news from Rachel last night
*Adam Schiff's statements about *IF* Trump's loans were guaranteed by Russia, *IF* the Russians laundered money through the Trump Organization, and what that means criminally
*Mueller's meeting today with Trump's legal team, and why it feels like a *very big day* on that front
*The .gov email addresses that were moved by Jared and Ivanka, and why this doesn't concern me
*The emoluments case decision, my own weird nexus to it, and why it doesn't say what you think it says-- LOL
*It's Friday in Trumpland, and a lot of us think something big is about to break
*and happy holidays to all!



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