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Resistance Live

Dec 31, 2018

Today's topics:
*be sure to catch the year-end podcast on Mueller, She Wrote, with me, Sarah Kendzior, Seth Abramson, Mimi Rocah, Renato Mariotti, and many others giving our opinion on the "story of the year" on Trump/Russia
*a few words on the Women's March
*Elizabeth Warren announces
*Graham's role as chairman on Senate Judiciary in 2019
*the government shutdown and civil cases against Trump
*an American citizen was arrested in Russia overnight; a few words on spy swap speculation
*a reboot on Mike Pence and why he is likely within Mueller's sites
*"how will the government shutdown end?"
*and a few final words for the year on media, caring for one another, and ongoing Resistance


Last broadcast of 2018!!! Please support us on Patreon as we wind down our second full year of #ResistanceLive.