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Resistance Live

Jun 28, 2019

Today's topics:
*Trump meets with Putin at the G20
*the Supreme Court will here the DACA case next term
*the House passes the Senate spending bill on the border and why it's a travesty
*my two cents on the debates
*"what happens to detainees if the camps are closed?"
*and a few words on Lights for Liberty, and gratitude...

Jun 27, 2019

Today's topics:
*two decisions out of SCOTUS this morning, one good, one awful
*GOTV is going to be more important than ever in 2020 as a result
*An answer about the misdemeanor immigration law referenced by Castro in last night's debates, and why we must decriminalize all migration
*Planning for Mueller's...

Jun 26, 2019

Today's topics:
*an update on Lights for Liberty
*Mueller is testifying on 7/17; why I'm not super-excited
*An answer on why House Committees have to vote on subpoenas
*Wayfair employees are walking out after finding out the company sold furniture to concentration camps
*the Acting CBP director steps down and the new one...

Jun 25, 2019

Today's topics:
*No, Barr didn't shut down seven Mueller investigations
*A reminder to watch your news sources
*Supplies that are sent to ICE/CBP facilities will be rejected
*Two more kids and an adult are dead at the border
*CBP moved 100 of the kids it moved out of Clint yesterday back in
*An update on Lights...

Jun 24, 2019

Today's topics:
*news about Lights for Liberty
*four bodies are found near the Texas border in close proximity to several camps
*LGBTQ folks are in solitary in detention camps
*We don't need foster parents; we need family reunification
*A word about the lack of enforcement of subpoenas on the Hill
*A few more issues to...