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Resistance Live

May 22, 2020

Today's top 5:

Before we start today, we wanted to give thanks for all of you for the kind words on behalf of the Gaia Leadership Project for the overwhelming outpour of support for the loss of our very own, Megan Baker.

1. We are coming up to a grave number from COVID-19 and there's no way to get through something like this without impact.  Thoughts on reopening procedure.

2. How do we confront reopening and reopening with community.

3. Case number and death rate manipulation in some states.

4. Information about the study on hydroxychloroquine with COVID, 25-35% chance higher of dying.  

5. We have to do hard things right now through this time, the more creative we can be to nurture and nourish ourselves while we stay in our homes.  


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